Can Owning a Dog Prevent Cancer?

There’s no doubt about it. A canine companion can keep you healthier and more active as you age.dogsprevent

Research shows that if you own a dog you’re more likely to have a better body mass index, fewer chronic health conditions and less risk of depression.

In fact, people who regularly walk their furry companions have about a third the risk of diabetes, are less likely to have high blood pressure and have fewer cholesterol worries.

And today there is even better news.

The more time you spend enjoying recreational physical activities– like walking and playing with your dog – can dramatically decrease your risk of colon cancer.

Just last month two revealing studies were released that helped connect the dots for us.

In the first study, which involved 109,046 women in the Nurses’ Health Study and 47,684 men in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, researchers uncovered some disturbing news.

Men and women who are less physically active have a much higher risk of colon cancer. Obesity and a high body mass index are also significant factors.

The second study was even more revealing. People who walked 150 minutes each week – a mere two and a half hours every 7 days – were less likely to die of colon cancer than their couch potato counterparts.

One of the best ways to get moving, lose weight and gain control over your health is to get moving. And heading outdoors with your tail-wagging friend is a great way to do it.

Spending time romping with your pup is a fun way to spend your time. And it’s not just good for you. Your dog will get the health benefits, too.

Like you, he or she will be become happier, sleeker and more muscular. And as an added benefit, your happy companion will likely become better behaved when all that canine energy is released.

So get up off the couch and take the dog for a walk. Once you begin going out every day, it will become easier and easier to stay motivated. Especially since your dog will begin expecting it – and won’t let you forget that he’s anticipating his daily workout!

In addition to walking, here are some fun exercises that will keep both you and Fido strong, fit and potentially cancer-free for years to come…